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Don't be a Tabby-ist

Cats chicken friends tabby - 8361824512
See all captions Created by MSchreff

Ya Gotta Taek teh Gud Wif teh Bad

friends bird mouse - 8333075712
See all captions Created by violetD

Run, Quackers, Run!!

friends ducks noms Cats funny - 8296163840
See all captions Created by mamawalker

Goat Under Here, Quick!

cute friends horses goats thailand - 8259690240
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Works on All but My Vegan Friends

friends raccoons vegan - 8248863488
Via pikture planet

I Have Them Right Where I Want Them

friends cute elk trust me - 8207154944
See all captions Created by Squittens

Truce in the Face of Danger

Babies cute bobcat friends fawn - 8185430272
Via The Chive

Luck Comes in Twos

luck friends Cats horse - 7916819456
See all captions Created by wuxie

Their Friendship is as Solid as the Shell on His Back

friends tortoise funny weird - 8121977088
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Slap Me Some Fin!

friends puns sharks - 8091873024
See all captions Created by shanebc01


drunk friends apes funny - 8074649344
Created by Unknown

Puppy Has No Choice...

capybara puppies friends cute - 8074641920
Created by Unknown

Seals...The Elephants of the Sea

friends zoo seals cute elephants - 8026547712
Created by Unknown

So the Flying Monkeys Used to be on the Good Side...

Babies cute bears friends lions tigers wizard of oz - 7962277632
See all captions Created by NawtyKitty

Who Says They're Cold Blooded?

lizards friends moment love pet store - 8006073344
Created by Unknown

The Camera Loves Them!

cute birds friends pose Photo - 7986783232
Created by Unknown