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20 Wholesome Videos of Curious Wild Foxes for an Adorable Midweek Pick Me Up

No moment is more majestic than when a wild fox allows you to connect with them.
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video of a wild fox befriending a man and eating in his home | thumbnail includes one picture of a man feeding a fox from the doorway to his home

Friendly Wild Urban Fox Befriends Its Human Neighbor, Coming Into His House For Snacks (Video)

Can we have a fox friend too, please?
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29 pictures of cats, foxes, and text and 1 video of foxes and cats | Thumbnail includes 3 pictures including 'Vertebrate - LANDIN', 'Fawn', 'Plant - 製' and one comment including 'Art - perry_kaitlyn Cat was like "dad, open the door.. they're getting hungry out here." 1d 8,936 likes Reply'

A Foxy Breakfast Surprise: Purrfectly Playful Cats Bring in Bushy-Tailed Guests In Wholesome Animal Video

Definitely thought they were going to eat the cat lol
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video of border collie puppy playing with foxes | thumbnail image of fox and border collie playing

7-Month-Old Border Collie Enjoys Adorable Play Session With Foxes 'Mala, Esmae, & Malachi' (Video)

A joyous play session indeed
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39 pictures of foxes | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Dog', 'Dog' and "Font - VS'

Are Fennec Foxes Cuter Than Red Foxes? Comparing Two Adorable Animals For An Impossible Choice (30+ Pictures)

Sophie's choice, but with foxes
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video of border collie playing with foxes | thumbnail image of dog and foxes playing

Sweet Border Collie Excitedly Wakes Up Fox Friends 'Mala' & 'Esmae' For Play Session (Video)

Foxy goodness
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video of a man giving a sausage and an egg to a wild fox | thumbnail includes a picture of a man holding a sausage in his hand and a fox grabbing it

Man Encounters Wild Fox And Makes Friends With It By Offering It A Sausage And Egg (Video)

An incredibly friendly wild fox
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POV: An Adorable Rescued Fox Steals Your Phone After Attacking You With Cuddles and Tries to Bury It in a Tree Nearby

POV: An Adorable Rescued Fox Steals Your Phone After Attacking You With Cuddles and Tries to Bury It in a Tree Nearby

Why can't this happen to me?!
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wtf facts about foxes

10 Incredibly Interesting Facts About Foxes You Probably Didn't Know

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No One Suspects a Thing

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Hide Me

foxes scary cute animals monday captions - 8540089600
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Paw-Lickin' Good

foxes chicken puns - 8180348672
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It May Not Look Like Much But It's Mine

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Created by AngelAndz

I'll Have What the Hound Doesn't Eat

foxes dinner begging funny - 8168334592
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One Animal the Leprechauns Can't Outsmart

foxes smart - 8107699456
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I'll Just Wait for its Battery to Die

foxes funny puns - 8006227200
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