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16 text images facebook comments | thumbnail blue background text "Caroline Langan-Minca One of my horses is an absolute coffee fiend. I've never offered it to him but when he was agisted, if anyone accidentally left their coffee cup near him when he was tied up, he would pick it up and scull the whole cup! Now he lives at home with with me, I'm careful to never leave my morning coffee within his reach! He always eyes it off though!"

Animal Comedy Enthusiasts Confess The Most Random And Unexpected Human Foods That Their Pets Are Obsessed With

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16 pictures of animals stealing food |   thumbnail left black and white cat with sausage in mouth, thumbnail right dog with baguette in mouth

A Collection Of Adorable Animal Thieves Making Off Like Bandits

Adorable thievery
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A TikTok video of a basset dog yelling at his human to make his food faster and 12 funny comments | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a Basset laying inside a cushy cart and watching his human prepare his food 'POV: COOKING YOUR ANCIENT DOG HIS FOOD WHILE HE YELLS AT YOU'

Impatient Senior Basset Yells At His Hooman To Prepare His Food Faster Because He Has No Time To Waste

Senior doggos are the best
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16 photos of dogs in bridge-like positions | Thumbnail includes a photo of a big black dog leaning on a couch 'Caution: Bridge out'

16 Good Boy Doggos Bridging The Gap Between Work Day To Weekend

If he's a dog, he's a bridge
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A TikTok video and 12 comments about a dog with selective hearing | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of the back of a brown pitbull with his ears down

Doggo Uses Every Single One Of His 18 Ear Muscles To Ignore His Hooman Calling His Name

It's called selective hearing, Becca
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Spirit Animals Come In Many Different Forms

funny animal image of squirrel eating pizza as spirit animal
Via dsvenjolly

Get in my belly! You big bug!

bug food funny frog - 8585327104
See all captions Created by rucussing

Big food ambitions!

octopus food funny animals - 8578212864
See all captions Created by Chris10a

Wasabi Peas

animals sushi puns food caterpillar - 8501667328
See all captions Created by heyman

Either Way, Can I Get Lime?

alcohol treat watermelon food mouse - 8503363328
See all captions Created by Chris10a

It Seemed Like Such A Bright Idea Though

pun octopus food - 8492158208
See all captions Created by echeg5
milk cute food rabbit bunny Video wild - 71043329

This Adorable Wild Baby Rabbit Is The Happiest Thing You'll See All Week

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Saturday Snack Time Forever

cute animal gif guinea pig eating snacks
Via uduki

Oh Yes, This One Is Mine Too

gifs sandwich bread food animals fox - 8485594368
Via Radio Free Europe

Some Mysteries Will Never Be Solved

food do not goat sign - 8343483904
See all captions Created by JimPrice

Wanna See Me Try To Carry A Cow?

Beef food meat noms Owl red small tiny - 6002558208
See all captions Created by Sissy
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