Animal Comedy


Something Fishy Going on Here

What is happening shark fish - 8397541120
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Bring on the Seafood!

birds fish teach - 8394310144
See all captions Created by MallardVHS

Fish Can be Jerks too

fish jerk - 8359977216
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Kids All Over Play That Game

fish kids games lava - 8326855424
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What Up, Y'all?! I'm a Fish!

fish funny - 8294004224
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You Might Not be Happy About Finally Catching "The Big One"

Meme of a shark smiling at the camera with a speech bubble saying 'be careful what you wish for' implying the 'big fish' wish.
See all captions Created by TrippingKitty

The Melted Butter Fish

fish funny spirit animal - 8221675776
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This is Not the Magic Carpet Ride he was Expecting...

birds fish flying - 8212676352
Created by iSkittles97

I'll Tickle Death!

eagles fish tickle - 8185398528
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I Only Eat Fresh Fish, Never Frozen

food eagles fish frozen - 8184064000
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Seems Like a Fair Trade

bears fish pools - 8176231936
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Tuned in the Key of F

tuna Music puns fish funny - 8139512320
See all captions Created by malcolm.smith.161

You Never Understood Me, Dad!

emo fish finding nemo puns - 8080788736
Created by Unknown

Really? Again?

bored fish - 8052304128
Created by Unknown

He Says This Before Every Meal...of Fish

cute fish prayer otters - 8027186944
See all captions Created by echeg5

Kissing Always Leads to Trouble

whoops KISS fish funny weird - 8020754688
Created by Unknown