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'Doggie Dutch Oven': Pug Passes Powerful Gas in Grandpa's Bed Making Him Run For The Hills

'Doggie Dutch Oven': Pug Passes Powerful Gas in Grandpa's Bed Making Him Run For The Hills

Grandpa Louis was just enjoying his summer down-time by reading his Kindle underneath an elaborate bedsheet fan setup, when all of a sudden, his daring doggo couldn't hold it in anymore. With a fur-ocious fart that could be heard from the monkeys in the Amazon, this playful pug disrupted Grandpa Louis' reading time when the stanky stench traveled via fan to his nostrils.
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18 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes one picture including 'Font - AITA for farting on our cat? Not the A-hole Every night our cat (2M) likes to cuddle up by my (24F) legs, he usually stays there the majority of the night and I've gotten used to it. The problem arises when, during this 8 hour cycle, I need to fart. I usually just let them rip and our cat doesn't seem to mind. Or at least, he's never left the bed right after one. My partner (25M) says that this is disrespectful, and I stil'

AITA?: Curious Cat Owner Concerned Over Consistent "Cutting The Cheese" On Loving Cat

Why did the fart cross the road? To get to the other cheek!
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I Guess He's Never Met Smokey

farts fire - 8119673600
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Bunny Farts Smell Like Carrots

angry annoyed bunny farts gross hedgehog rose smelly stink eye - 6265972224
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Kind of Like What We Had for Lunch

butts caption fart farts giraffes gross hair hairdo hairstyle smells stinky - 5640682240
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Up, Up, and Away! Wait, What's That Smell?

farts flying historic lols relationships wives - 5273240320
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Yeah, We Can Smell It...

animals farting farts gorillas I Can Has Cheezburger - 5226766080
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You So Crazy, Fart!

farts patrick stewart roflrazzi smoke - 5139267328
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It Happens to Every... Well, No.

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Flatulent Love

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