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I Guess He's Never Met Smokey

farts fire - 8119673600
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Bunny Farts Smell Like Carrots

angry annoyed bunny farts gross hedgehog rose smelly stink eye - 6265972224
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Kind of Like What We Had for Lunch

butts caption fart farts giraffes gross hair hairdo hairstyle smells stinky - 5640682240
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Up, Up, and Away! Wait, What's That Smell?

farts flying historic lols relationships wives - 5273240320
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Yeah, We Can Smell It...

animals farting farts gorillas I Can Has Cheezburger - 5226766080
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You So Crazy, Fart!

farts patrick stewart roflrazzi smoke - 5139267328
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It Happens to Every... Well, No.

ashamed farts gross historic lols nonsense wtf - 5169041152
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Flatulent Love

cheesy farting farts field hugs love squeeze - 5122393088
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