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35 animal memes and pictures | Thumbnail includes one meme of a chicken in a bucket surrounded by water including 'huntingfishinglovingeveryday I have questions fed-ex-official To get to the other side' and one tweet of a cuttlefish including 'lan Whittington @sir_lan Upstaged by cuttlefish yet again Cuttlefish have ability to exert self-control, study finds'

A Silly Saturday Serving of Cute and Comedic Animal Memes To Laugh With The Family While Decorating The Christmas Tree

This listicle is a gift of giggles
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7 pictures of people and a dog and 9 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes one picture of a family laughing on a couch with a dog and one picture of text including 'Font - So when Bolt, well, bolted, the family did everything it could to find him, calling local shelters and searching everywhere they knew to look for their family pet.  “We searched high, low, here, there, everywhere,” said Leuning.'

Family Dog Runs Away During Hurricane, Two Years And 1,200 Miles Later Family Gets A Big Surprise (Pictures & Story)

That's one lucky doggo
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26 pictures of dogs and puppies | Thumbnail includes two pictures of dogs and puppies

26 Wholesomely Heartwarming Doggos Teaching Their Puppies How To Be Proper Puppers

Big woof, meet little woof
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17 pictures of dogs, bears, and text | Thumbnail includes one picture of a dog, one picture of a dog and a bear, a question mark graphic, and one picture of text including 'Font - mattleon01 Don't you just hate when that happens?'

Family Adopts A 'Dog', Two Years And 200+ Lbs Later Discover It's Not Actually A Dog At All (Pictures & Comments)

Just bear with us on this one
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27 pictures of dads and pets | Thumbnail includes one picture of a man laying on the floor next to a kitten and one picture of a dad hugging a dog

A Wonderfully Wholesome Whip-Up Of Doting Dads Falling In Love With The Pets They "Didn't Want"

Dads are the easiest ones to convince
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19 pictures of people, dogs, and text | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Water - UR an', 'Face' and 'Font - Narrow-Mud-3540 +3. 6 days ago The marine survival expert in the article mentioned the dog was a huge asset and quite possibly the thing that made the difference brethren death and survival. So funny here all the people talking about how it's so nice of him to have not eaten it when it was proving him the most important resource there is in any survival situation - morale.'

'I survived because of her' - Dog Owner and Doggo Lost At Sea For Months, Says That The Dog Was Crucial For His Will To Survive In Wholesome Rescue Story

We're not crying, you are
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spamantha wholesome-family-vacation rescued-pig family-pig piglet happy ending family cute pigs spam happy-family-story animal video family vacation creating-family-memories - 2126087

'Say hello to Spamantha': Kids on family vacation spot stray piglet in the middle of the road, family adopts her and takes her home

Spamantha is now thriving and living her best lil piggy life.
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25 pictures of dads and pets | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Glasses' and 'Computer - THAT WANHO MWANZ'

A Divine Dump Of 25 Fantastic Fathers Practically Inseparable From Furballs They Didn't Plan For

Wholesome snuggle puddles
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21 pictures of text and dogs and one video of text and dogs | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Dog - @massi_e_mino and his reaction is absolutely priceless', 'Glasses - @massi_e_mino' and 'Font - SRTucker28 17 hr. ago That made me tear-up and smile'

Wholesome Content: Doggo Detects Baby Brother While Listening To Momma's Pregnant Belly And Gets Excited For Fresh Family Member In Heartwarming Doggo Video (Video & Comments)

Dogs are the best
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wholesome viral videos dogs baby pets learning mama talking cute animals human wholesome animals talent doggo funny dogs fur baby family mom Video children - 21132293

Paw-some Pup Proclaims: 'Mama'! A Groundbreaking Growl That Has Melted Our Icy Hearts

New Trick Unlocked
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42 dog pictures | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Dog' and 'Glasses'

Once A Lap Dog, Always A Lap Dog: 35+ Pawsitively Hilarious Big Dogs That Still Believe They're Small Puppies

If I don't fits, I sits anyway
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22 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Font - AITA for Secretly Giving Away My Wife and Daughter's Cat?' and 'Font - It all started when my wife brought the cat into our house. I've never been a fan of pets, but my wife always wanted a cat, so I agreed for her sake. Naturally, our daughter fell head over heels for the feline. They tried to train him for months, but the cat kept scratching my furniture, meowing at night, and urinating outside'

"This situation could jeopardize my marriage": Deceitful Dad Gives Away The Family Feline, Then Lies About It To His Wife And Daughter

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25 pictures of dogs | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Dog - Ok, you can stay here for one night.' and 'Dog'

25 Wholesome Good Boys That Adopted A New Puppy And Not Only Got A New Sibling, But Also A New Best Friend

There's nothing quite like puppy love
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18 pictures of a dog, baby, comments, and one video of a dog and a baby | Thumbnail includes 3 pictures including 'Comfort - Baby's feet weren't covered properly so he did this... 10:27:47', 'Font - goodnews_movement Dogs looking out for their hoomans.... gotta keep those feet warm @新新', and 'Font - therealurbanchicken Lol that dog is my spirit... I never send my kids to bed without a long sleeve shirt and socks. Lol. Not sure why but in my family, no socks = you're gonna get sick. What a'

Heartwarming Video Of A Dog Caring For A Sleeping Baby Is The Serotonin Fuel We Needed Today (18 Pictures and Videos)

We truly don't deserve dogs
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25 pictures of kids and animals | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Smile' and 'Dog - 25'

25 Serotonin-Boosting Wholesome Pictures of Babies Growing Up With Their Four-Legged Animal Friends

What's more heartwarming than cute pets and babies?
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adopted rescue dogs rescued rescue-dogs doggo funny-dogs cute-dogs rescue-animals wholesome heartwarming adoption-stories cute family pooch puppy puppies pupper forever-home

Meet the Newly Adopted Faces of the Week: 21 Wholesome Dog Adoption Stories

They've found their furrever homes.
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