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25 animal comedy comments top three huggable animals | thumbnail orange background

Animal Comedy Community Reveals Top 3 Animals They'd Like To Hug That Would Not Like To Hug Them Back (25 Comments)

So very huggable, yet just a little dangerous
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12 facebook text comments which animal flying would cause maximum chaos | thumbnail blue background text "cats no question, dogs. why should pigeons get away. elephant"

Which Animal If Given The Ability To Fly Would Cause Maximum Chaos? Animal Comedy Community Responds

Thought provoking as heck if you ask us
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15 funny facebook comments combining two animals | thumbnail blue background text "Alexandra Ryles A cat and a llama/ could ignore and spit at you at the same time Like Reply Hide Send Message 1d 15Jason Barr Owl and Cat, it'd ask who everytime it knocked something off. Like Reply Hide Send Message"

What Would Be The Most Obnoxious Combination Of Any Two Animals? Animal Comedy Edition

A wide variety of interesting responses
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14 facebook comments what animal would be the rudest if it could talk | thumbnail blue background text "Marco Jacinto Cats. They would probably call me ugly and poor every day and then demand food. They would probably say "you're welcome"after saying something really mean too. DO 11 Like Reply Hide Send Message "

If Animals Could Talk Which Would Be The Rudest? Animal Comedy Fans Edition

What do you think?
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12 facbeook comment responses | thumbnail blue background "if dogs are mans best friend which animal is mans mortal enemy" dog graphic snake graphic, facebook comments

Animal Comedy Enthusiasts Answer: If Dogs Are Man's Best Friend, What Animal Is Man's Mortal Enemy?

Wait till you see the responses
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12 animal related facebook comments  | thumbnail image of porcupine "Kris Heikkila I'm friendly with a porcupine, he's a bit old, and has a bad foot, but loves his apples. Sits and talks to me when I see him and offer a treat. This is George. "

Animal Comedy Enthusiasts Answer: What Animal Has A Bad Reputation That It Does Not Deserve?

They don't deserve the bad rep that society has given them
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14 facebook comments, animals people would choose to fight along side | thumbnail blue background superhero outline "a panda, well he's a dragon warrior"

Animal Comedy Fans Answer Important Question: If You Were A Superhero Which Animal Would You Choose To Fight Alongside?

Heck yeah
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Why My Office Needs Tinted Windows

birds facebook funny captions - 8558102528
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Well Crap...

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I Gotta Jump on This Before They Get Back!

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He Has More Sense of Humor in One Leg Than Most People Have in Two!

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What a Pig

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Duck Face? Try Fish Face.

crabs facebook lips - 7087319552
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Forever and Ever

sombrero facebook angry hedgehogs - 6824399360
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Chances Are it Already Has

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Have You Tried Your Birthday and Favorite Color?

facebook forgot Leonard Nimoy Spock Star Trek - 5722967296
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