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twitter thread and video of a lot of elks sitting on people's lawns | thumbnail includes two pictures of elks sitting on people's lawns and one tweet 'Cloud - Science girl @gunsnrosesgirl3 Huge herd of elk resting on lawns in Colorado From NaturelsAmazing 1:04 PM - Oct 26, 2023-34M Views 2.1K 14K 129K 0:05/0:19 Subscribe 한 번 느끼 4.9K +]'

Just In Time For Halloween, Mysterious And Slightly Ominous Video Of A Huge Herd Of Elks Resting On People's Lawns Spooks The Internet (Viral Tweets)

Kind of uncanny
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Is That Bush Sticking His Tongue Out at Me?

elk deer camouflage hunting - 8218353920
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I Have Them Right Where I Want Them

friends cute elk trust me - 8207154944
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Nope, Haven't Seen It

ball elk funny - 7757099520
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