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Now You Can Use Google Street View to Get to Know the Elephants in Samburu, Kenya

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Elephants Visit This Lodge Around the Same Time Every Year

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Watch Elephants Gleefully Splash Around in a Pool Made Just for Them

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This Is What an Elephant Does When It Hears Classical Music

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9 Elephant Facts That Are Larger Than Life

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Drinking With Your Nose Is an Acquired Skill

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You're All Wet!

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9 Great LOLs to Celebrate World Elephant Day!

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Give Us Your Captions for World Elephant Day!

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Rules are Rules

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I'll Never Forget You

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It's the Small Things in Life

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He's Got Some Serious Reach

Meme of an elephant holding a basketball up with his trunk ready to slam dunk.
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If You Can Smell This, You're Too Close

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For Now, Hold Onto My Trunk

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I Want Out! I Want Out!

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