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Funniest Memes of Cute Birdies That Prove Birds Are Actually Kind of Scary

Adorable feathered friends? More like terrifying tough guys.
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5 images and 5 embedded videos from TikTok about a woman saving her pet goose from an eagle | thumbnail features three side by side images, on the left is a picture from Instagram of the mother and her baby both wearing tan and pink, in the middle is a screenshot from the video of the attack, on the right is a picture from Instagram of Franky the goose

Breastfeeding Super Mom Saves Pet Goose From Bald Eagle Attack

Super Mom To The Rescue!
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Good Point

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Wish He Would Quit Copying Me Though

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But, Hey, I Stuck the Landing!

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Freedom Never Looked So Stylish

eagles freedom suits - 8392267776

Freedom Ain't Free Though, So Pay Up!

freedom eagles - 8271280896

Freedom is Sexy

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It Calms Me Down

eagles freedom sleeping - 8237907200
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And My Talons are as Sharp as Ever!

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I'll Tickle Death!

eagles fish tickle - 8185398528
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I Only Eat Fresh Fish, Never Frozen

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Maybe I Should Have Started With a Toupee

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Confidence in Being Bald

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Four Score and Seven Years Ago...

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That Joke Will Definitely Ruffle Some Feathers

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