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viral twitter thread about a male eagle trying to incubate a rock | thumbnail includes two pictures including an eagle sitting on the ground and a sign and one tweet 'Organism - brooke foster, 2023 edition @lonesometoast losing it Is that Eagle hurt?! f you see an eagle lying down in the ack left corner under a perch, that's Murphy! urphy is not hurt, sick, or otherwise distress. He has built a nest on the round, and is very carefully incubatir a rock! We wish him the best of luck 10:52 '

Male Eagle Decides To Build A Nest And Attempt To Incubate A Rock, The Zoo Asks Visitors To Not Worry About Him (Viral Twitter Thread)

Well, as long as he's happy
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Uh Oh, Mama's Home

animals eagle birds captions funny - 8478056192
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But Does It Have Talons Of Steel?

eagle Badass birds - 8477867008
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When Eagles Go Bald

hair eagle bald - 8433487616
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Seriuosly Houston, What do We do Now?

eagle puns - 8420149504
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We Don't Even Have Seagulls Here

eagle usa america - 8420143872
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Not Good for the Gander Either

eagle chase goose - 8402359040
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Bad Ideas

eagle - 7332783872
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And a Nigerian Prince Isn't Going to Make Me a Millionaire?

eagle internet lies surprise - 6670246656
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Wonder If I Can Do it Before the Teacher Comes By

eagle homework school shocked - 6659995904
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What it's All About

eagle bald eagles fighting - 6655134720
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You Know What I'm Talking About

eagle shock cold toilet seat surprise - 6619872000
Created by MaximumWolfage

Need Brain Bleach Now

eagle shocked unsee never lolz - 6591904768
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Might Be a Wise Decision

eagle decaf coffee awake - 6589615360
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Call Me When You're Ready to be Mature About This

angry disappointed eagle fish frozen game - 6462294784
Created by Unknown

It's the 4th of July! You Got Something to Say About That?

america American Flag best of the week birds captions eagle eagles freedom Hall of Fame holidays stern - 6394563584
Via Sleeping Among the Dead
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