Animal Comedy


I Hope You Don't Send Them "Down" the Drain

water puns ducks - 7995328000
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Out of This World!

amazing ducks Maps - 8069111552
Created by Unknown

Duckling King

ducklings ducks cute - 8063821568
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Maybe Some Bread Will Help You Feel Better...

ducks ducklings puns - 8040590592
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I'm Not Down WIth That Advice...

freezing cold ducks winter funny - 7997850624
Created by Unknown

A Likely Story...

ducks excuses homework - 7896768768
Created by Unknown

It Never Hurts to Have Quackup

ducks security puns military - 7892443392
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A Great Animal Illusion

ducks illusion animals rabbits - 7887762944
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I'll Pick up the Bill

puns ducks flirt - 7876926976
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Go Fetch the Candles and Romantic Music

romance ducks - 7764054784
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His Wing Span is Deadly

fowl birds bro ducks - 7828561408
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It Always Pulls Yer Down

snow falling ducks Gravity - 7815943424
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Leggo Mah Tongue!

ducks funny - 7670703360
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Down For An Omelet?

ducks kitchen Cats funny - 7649132032
Created by violetD

What Are They Teaching Ducklings These Days?

ducks funny - 7466136576
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Their Friendship Was Going so Well Until...

cat ducks swimming funny - 7471307776
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