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12 dog memes about life, work, and adulting | Thumbnail includes a picture of a dog wearing a flower costume with a photoshopped cigarette in its mouth as well as a picture of a black and white dog sitting in a dog bed 'When you trying to be a ray of sunshine but mfers keep testin' you Today marks a year since I paid nearly £200 to be told my dog was faking struggling to breathe in order to be carried.'

Bridging The Gap Between Work Week And Weekend With Delightful Doggo Memes

These will get you through the last work day
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13 memes with dogs | Thumbnail includes a picture of a man hugging a dog and the dog looking uncomfortable and a picture of a pitbul wearing a onesie with a pacifier in his mouth 'when ur not affectionate and someone tries to hug you OLLE People: When are you having kids? Me:'

Wake Up On The Right Side Of Bed With Some Sunny Doggo Memes

A batch of goodness
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15 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people talk about and post pictures of their dogs after a long day at the park | Thumbnail includes a picture of a german shepherd laying on his human with his tongue out and a picture of a white labrador sleeping on a couch 'Is there anything better than seeing your dogs pooped after a long day at the park'

15 Drained Doggos That Are Too Pooped To Move After A Long Day At The Dog Park

Post-workout nap time
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14 photos of adopted and rescued dogs along with their stories | Thumbnail includes a picture of two black dogs on the beach 'Our spoiled, happy rescue pups!'

Newest Batch Of Rescue Doggos: Their Adoption Stories, Photos, And Everything In Between

Something for the soul
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33 before and after photos of dogs that were adopted | Thumbnail includes a before photo of a stray dog and an after photo of the same dog but healthy and big

Power Of Love: 33 Before And After Photos Of Doggos Post Adoption

Adopt, don't shop
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