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An Excellent Collection of Highly Rated Doggos

Top dogs from Twitter account "We Rate Dogs."
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13 pictures, memes, tweets, and snaps of funny dogs | Thumbnail includes a picture of a half bald dog that looks exhausted and unimpressed and a picture of an old man holding a white bag filled with yellow tennis balls '"Ur so strong and amazing! Push through you got this!" Me pushing thru: @madddie818 If this picture of this old man donating tennis balls to the animal shelter doesn't make your day then idk what will'

Let's Spread Some Pawsitivity With These Super Duper Doggo Memes

New batch of memes coming your way
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Delightful Dog & Cat Memes and Funny Pics for Animal Lovers

Everyone knows that dogs and cats have their typical characteristic differences. While dogs tend to involve themselves in their human's routine, always seeking ways to connect, cats are independent hunters who will go on their own little missions with or without their human. However, there is one thing domesticated dogs and cats have in common—they're both total goofballs who could delight even the grumpiest human with their pure silliness. Keep scrolling for a bunch of memes and pics of funny…
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10 photos of scared dogs at the vets office | Thumbnail includes a picture of a black great dane sitting on his human's lap while waiting for their vet appointment in a lobby and a picture of a german Shepherd holding his human's hand

10 Panic-Stricken Doggos Right Before Their Vet Appointment

Hooman, you said dog park!
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