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engaged couple split and disagree on who gets the dog creating an extremely toxic and awkward situation for the employees at the doggy daycare

'This is by far the most uncomfortable I have ever been in any line of customer service': Doggy Daycare Employee Shares What It's Like to Get Awkwardly Stuck Between a Dog-Parent Divorce

Divorce isn't easy for anybody, including the dogs.
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reddit thread 10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text " Now, a year later he continuously contacts be to babysit her while he is out of town. I oblige because I feel bad for abandoning the dog. But he always lets me know last minute, like the day prior. I finally told my ex that I will no longer be babysitting the dog. He basically made me feel horrible. But my friends think I'm being reasonable. "

Divorcee Decides To Stop Petsitting Manipulative Ex Husband's Dog, He Tries To Gaslight Her Into Continuing

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Actuallty, She Self-Represents...

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Now I've Got Nothing!

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I Would Quit My Job and Watch it All Day!

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She Fired the Oompa Loompas, too!

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He Said He Was Working Late

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