Animal Comedy


Now...A Little Help Here?

climbing die escape evil first help threat turtle - 6407550720
Created by Jack

Turtle Burps are the Worst!

die burp turtles - 7919446016
Created by Unknown

So... Eventually!

captions crawling die eventually slowly threat turtle - 6461153024
See all captions Created by wintergirl911

The Bird Who Played With Fire

captions cat Cats crow die poke threat - 6407883008
See all captions Created by kayrayz

If I Had Thumbs, You'd Be So Dead

die guinea pig playing thumbs video games zombie - 5781789440
See all captions Created by ZucoZujo

Cutest Bond Villain Ever

bond villain cute Death die frog frogs Hall of Fame james bond villain villains - 6315581696
Created by Serrena

Mwa Ha Hamster!

die evil hamster james bond villain - 6000017664
See all captions Created by johnny69

Sloths Have a Very, Very Dark Streak

brains creepy cute die eat evil sloths wtf - 5932841216
See all captions Created by Green.Banana