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32 pictures and videos of dogs | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Dog' and 'Dog' and a comment including 'willman0905 truly one of the derpiest dogs you'll ever meet'

Derpy Divas: 32 Times Golden Retrievers Derped Their Way Into Our Hearts With Their Golden Personalities

Never have we seen something so majestic in our lives. *giggles*
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1 video 10 images horse selfies and comments | thumbnail image of horse and woman selfie "His name is lesley. he totally understands selfies and likes to make faces in them."

Derp Horse Steals The Spotlight During Human's Selfie Session

The smiles on this guy
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5 videos of cats and dogs being derps | thumbnail left cat silly face opening curtains, thumbnail right corgi tossing ball towards human

Reddit's Derpiest Derp Animals Of The Week, Cats And Dogs Edition (September 10, 2022)

Pure hilarity
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5 embedded videos and 5 pictures of the best posts from this week on Reddit's Animals Being Derps subreddit |

Reddit's Cutest And Derpiest Kooky Critters Of The Week

Get It Together, Guys!
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10 photos and videos of animals being derps | thumbnail features two images of silly dogs, on the left side a Siberian husky being held with their tongue sticking out and on the right side a German Shepard sitting on a stair, with overlaid text reading "Aww, they're so stupid / r/animalsbeingderps"

Reddit's Derpiest Dogs Of the Week: a Heartwarming and Hilarious Thread

Did I Do That?
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Suck it Hunters!

camouflage working grass deer derp stupid - 6915385600
See all captions Created by Professor

You're Being Silly, Deer

puns tongue deer derp - 8456179200
Via KaptianKrush


derp high owls - 8314578432
See all captions Created by penelopesdad

Derpity Derp

Owl funny derp - 7671115520
See all captions Created by Unknown

Eye Bleach! Eye Bleach!

Cannot Be Unseen derp - 7466931200
Created by cwebb1290 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

This Is My Serious Face

derp - 7168776192
See all captions Created by echeg5

This Deer is a Geenyuss!

grass deer hidden camouflage derp - 7140843008
Created by Unknown

Ah Perahkehrt! Mah Favrit!

parakeets mirror birds Ermahgerd derp - 7020047360
Created by Unknown

How Honest Are You with This Question?

dentist tongue hamsters derp - 6969998848
See all captions Created by hamsterluva

Have You Tried Turning it Off and On Again

tech support birds derp stupid - 6956582400
See all captions Created by Unknown

Just Tell My Loved Ones I'll be Gone...for About 20 Years

doomed birds court derp stupid - 6897836032
See all captions Created by betskand
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