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Reddit's Cutest And Derpiest Kooky Critters Of The Week

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10 photos and videos of animals being derps | thumbnail features two images of silly dogs, on the left side a Siberian husky being held with their tongue sticking out and on the right side a German Shepard sitting on a stair, with overlaid text reading "Aww, they're so stupid / r/animalsbeingderps"

Reddit's Derpiest Dogs Of the Week: a Heartwarming and Hilarious Thread

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Suck it Hunters!

camouflage working grass deer derp stupid - 6915385600
See all captions Created by Professor

You're Being Silly, Deer

puns tongue deer derp - 8456179200
Via KaptianKrush


derp high owls - 8314578432
See all captions Created by penelopesdad

Derpity Derp

Owl funny derp - 7671115520
See all captions Created by Unknown

Eye Bleach! Eye Bleach!

Cannot Be Unseen derp - 7466931200
Created by cwebb1290 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

This Is My Serious Face

derp - 7168776192
See all captions Created by echeg5

This Deer is a Geenyuss!

grass deer hidden camouflage derp - 7140843008
Created by Unknown

Ah Perahkehrt! Mah Favrit!

parakeets mirror birds Ermahgerd derp - 7020047360
Created by Unknown

How Honest Are You with This Question?

dentist tongue hamsters derp - 6969998848
See all captions Created by hamsterluva

Have You Tried Turning it Off and On Again

tech support birds derp stupid - 6956582400
See all captions Created by Unknown

Just Tell My Loved Ones I'll be Gone...for About 20 Years

doomed birds court derp stupid - 6897836032
See all captions Created by betskand

It is Now Hat

leaf squirrels derp - 5773009920
See all captions Created by Juggalo666666

I Think You're Using it Wrong

bro grass deer sticking tongue out derp - 6800543232
See all captions Created by aaltje

Maybe It's Musical Hide And Seek You're Playing

games hide and seek deer confused musical derp - 6787140608
See all captions Created by AngelAndz
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