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Bug Enthusiast Puts Insects in His Mouth (Wasps, Bees, Scorpions, and Ticks), All So That He Can Educate the Masses About Brilliant Buggos

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12 reddit text images, creepy pet store employee | thumbnail blue background "small talk about what animals i have and such. he was nice and gave me the crickets and i went to get whatever else i needed. he was at the register and at this store they always ask for your phone number so that you can get points and rewards, i put it in the pin pad thinking absolutely nothing, pay and leave. "

Pet Store Employee Violates Privacy Of Lizard Toting Shopper, She Reports His Creepy Behavior

Creepy af
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I Can't Go When Someone is Watching

pigeon birds creepy Awkward bathroom - 8392245760
See all captions Created by Unknown

Backyard Secrets

bones creepy digging - 8297923840
See all captions Created by heyman

Don't Worry...They're Sleeping

bats creepy - 8274933248
Via Google

When Cute Things Get Creepy

bunnies creepy - 8256588800
Via cazsion

Look at That Cuddly Little Fur!

bugs creepy nope - 8235352320
See all captions Created by OneSkunkTodd

Oh...Well, Okay Then

creepy kids funny - 7943406848
See all captions Created by TrippingKitty

I Can Give Four at a Time!

hugs creepy spider - 8138611712
See all captions Created by Unknown

I Don't Bite...Okay Yeah, I do

spiders cuddle creepy - 8118074880
See all captions Created by Unknown

Counting Sheep Just Got Scary...

creepy nightmare sheep - 8102242048
See all captions Created by Chris10a

Well That's...Comforting...

possums danger creepy - 8075612416
See all captions Created by ahollings

Muah Ha Ha Ha!

creepy tarsiers funny - 7815752960
See all captions Created by furrgetmenot

Someone's Gotta Bring the Kids to School...

spiders excuse creepy - 7949738496
Created by Tabasco369 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Her Hair Loss with Raise Yours on the Back of Your Neck

hair creepy Breaking News snakes - 7838422528
See all captions Created by Unknown

Your Breath Smells Like Corn

corn Staring creepy gerbils - 7830288896
Created by AngelAndz ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )
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