Animal Comedy


Your Face All Winter Long

animals seal cold toilet toilet seat - 8587934720
See all captions Created by HokieGirl74

The Royal Truth

lions wind king cold mane - 7124008192
See all captions Created by Greencliff

Never Underestimate a Polar Bear

cold polar bears tank funny - 8074690304
Created by Unknown

The Solution? Less Blubbering, More Blubber

seal cold ice - 8458709248
See all captions Created by Unknown

No Cadbury Eggs for You!

snow eggs cold winter rabbit bunny - 8436557312
See all captions Created by djcat595

This Joke is Necessary

pun cold horse - 8390458624
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

It's Meerkat Cold Season too

animals meerkat tiny cold squee hat - 8371073280
See all captions Created by MirageBD

The Calm Before the Storm

baby animals kids polar bear cold - 8359279104
See all captions Created by echeg5

He's Such a One-Upper

bison cold winning - 8040020224
See all captions Created by violetD

I Want Out! I Want Out!

Babies cold elephants water - 8142404864
Via funnymemes

I Don't Know What Everyone's Complaining About

cold weather sheep funny wool - 8031223552
See all captions Created by tentilizer

I Do Science for Fish

cute cold ice snow science penguins - 8034465792
Created by Unknown

I'm Not Down WIth That Advice...

freezing cold ducks winter funny - 7997850624
Created by Unknown

Just Chillin'

cold funny salad frogs - 7996221952
Created by Unknown

I've Had it Up to HERE With This Snow!

cold snow giraffes winter - 7994339840
Created by Unknown

More Like Blue Tiger...It's Freezing!

cute cold snow tigers white tigers - 7958605568
Created by Unknown
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