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13 screenshots from a Twitter thread about dogs that love playing hide and seek but are not very good at it | Thumbnail includes a picture of a brown couch with a white pillow and pointy dog ears peaking from behind, thumbnail also includes a picture of a light colored couch with two flowery pillows on top and pointy dog ears sticking out from behind

Doggo Delight: Doggos Play Hide And Seek But Don't Realise That Their Pointy Ears Give Em All Away

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Heads Up!

balls clueless deer - 8123315968
Via Google

She's Gonna Get Ten-Tickles

clueless puns SOON - 7933174016

Clueless Seal

seal clueless - 7367382528
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Meanwhile, At HP Tech Support

clueless computer confused gopher i have no idea what im doing prarie dog tech support - 6443970560
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