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Kickflipping Chicken Goes Viral, Flaunting Skateboarding Skills Fit to Fly the Coop

Via chicken.plug
Clucking shreddage
viral thread about a chicken laying a giant egg | thumbnail includes two pictures of a huge egg next to smaller egg and two tweets 'kaitlyn | TTPD @kaitsversionx TS One of our chickens was literally screaming this morning so I went out there and found this... I am not even kidding you this is triple the size of a normal chicken egg. This can't be normal help' and 'Heidi N. Moore @moorehn is it possible she's been having an affair with an ostrich 3:37 AM Feb 15, 2024 287.2K Views 59 211 8.2K 64'

Seemingly Normal Chicken Lays A Giant Egg, Leaving Twitter Cracking Up With Jumbo Egg-citement

Heckin' egg-citing
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original Cheezburger video of a rooster and a disabled hen falling in love | thumbnail includes a picture of two chickens touching beaks

Rooster That Was Abandoned By His Owner Meets A Sweet Disabled Hen, And The Two Instantly Fall In Love (Video)

He always helps her out with everything that she needs
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26 pictures of derpy animals | Thumbnail includes one picture of a dog sticking its head out looking like a bat, one picture of a cat in a funny seated position, and one picture of text including 'Llllllladiesssss'

Embrace The Silly Sunday Spirit With 26 Derpy Animal Pics Like Chicken Soup For The Soul

Let your hair down and dance like no one's watching
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pictures of cute farm animals | thumbnail includes two pictures, one of a white rabbit in a straw hat, the other of a cow with a USA flag hat, "You like my moo hat?"

The Cutest Critters On The Farm: Wholesome Animal Pics That Prove Cuteness Can Do No Harm

Who would you cuddle with first?
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List of funny and cute chicken images | thumbnail includes two images including a chicken and a cat staring at each other and a chicken - 'Chicken Game Don't look at this chicken GAME OVER'.

Eggs-citing Chicken Comedy: 18 Clucktastic Memes And Pics Of Silly Chickens Clucking Around

What do you call an evil spirit in a chicken coop? A Poultrigeist!
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viral twitter thread about a girl who mistook a groundhog for a chicken | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Kristen Mulrooney @missmulrooney My 3-year-old came to tell me there was a "big big chicken" in our yard and you will never guess what it actually was 3:29 PM Jun 7, 2023 10.6M Views 8,198 Retweets 414 Quotes 133.2K Likes 3,252 Bookmarks ...'

3-Year-Old Daughter Spots A 'Big Big Chicken' In The Yard, Of Course Turns Out It Was Not A Chicken At All

Not even close to being a chicken
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The Kitten, The Chicken, Or The Egg: Adorable Video Of Kitty Raising Chickens Shows The Moment Her Maternal Instincts Exceed Eggs-pectations

The Kitten, The Chicken, Or The Egg: Adorable Video Of Cat Raising Chickens Shows The Moment Her Maternal Instincts Exceed Eggs-pectations

Is This Fur Real?
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20 pictures of animals and text | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Bird' and 'Font - Halligan1409 . 13 days ago An industrious chicken farmer was always experimenting with breeding to perfect a better chicken. His family was fond of the leg portion for dinner and there were never enough legs for everyone. After many frustrating attempts, the farmer was relating the results of his efforts to his friends at the general store get together. "Well I finally did it! I bred a chicken'

Reddit Thread Exposes Rare Chick Born With Four Legs Instead of Wings, Theorizing It Could Be The Next Step In Chicken Evolution

That's a baby gryphon
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List of funny and cute chicken images and videos | thumbnail includes two images including a chick and a chicken with a sign on its neck - 'I terrorize the tiny human for fun.'.

ABC- Always Be Cluckin': 16 Chickens Pecking Their Way Straight To The Top (Pics And Memes)

Favorite drink: Hen-nessey
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twitter thread about round chicken | thumbnail text - animals going goblin mode @mischiefanimals round rotund rubenesque DANGER LOTHI SHUME GREINGE

People React To Chicken That Is So Thick That It Basically Became A Real-Life Rubenesque Painting

They call me 'thickken'
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List of funny chicken memes | thumbnail includes two chicken memes, including one of a chicken wrapped in a flower bouquet with text 'Bird - FORGET THE FLOWERS, TIMES HAVE CHANGED!' and including one of chicken with a hat and purse with text 'Beak - Chickens after the price of eggs went up SEX'

15 High Standard Bougie Chickens Living Their Best Lives After Their Paycheck Increase

They deserve the extra cash
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'Main. Consume. Destroy': How Different Farm Fowl Eat Watermelon

'Maim. Consume. Destroy': How Different Farm Fowl Eat Watermelon

The power and visceral violence of the turkey is a little terrifying
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 List of funny and cute chicken images and videos | thumbnail includes two images including a chicken with a sign - 'I terrorize the tiny human for fun' and a mug being cuddled by chicks.

Crazy Cute Chickens: 19 Chickens Strutting Their Stuff And Not Giving A Cluck (Pics, Vids And Memes)

Non-believers in chicken theology are known as Henetics. Which is also what they call genetics, good thing both are illegal.
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13 reddit text and video mama hen with kittens | thumbnail three panels hen with kittens "They are ugly chickens, but love them"

"They are ugly chickens, but I love them:" Mama Hen Adopts Four Sweet Kittens & Takes Care Of Them Like They Were Her Own

Mama hen is in the house, the farm house
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23 screenshots from twitter where pet owners share their expensive vet stories | Thumbnail includes a man and a german shepherd laying together 'One of us just spent $600 to find out of the other one has gas'

Hoomans Pay A Hefty Vet Bill Just To Find Out Their Pets Are Attention Seekers: A Twitter Thread

Was all that drama really necessary?
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