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17 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people talk about putting their senior dogs in strollers because they're too old to run | Thumbnail includes a photo of a pug dog sitting in a kids stroller 'A little girl in my street has a very old pug with severe arthritis. Today I saw her gently strap him into a baby stroller & wait for the postie so they could chase after it, running & laughing as the pup barked like hell. You know, just in case you forgot what love means.'

Thoughtful Things Dog Owners Do To Make Their Senior Doggos Feel Not-So-Senior

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Ceiling Cat Deals With Winter at Last

animals nope chase ceiling cat deer winter Cats - 8467545344
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Not Good for the Gander Either

eagle chase goose - 8402359040
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Effective Though

animals cow trainer chase bike - 8395341056
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Sometimes You Need Insurance to Get Insurance

Aflac chase goose angry - 8360863232
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Thanks for Noticing Me

cute chase friendly donkey scratch - 8175130880
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I Got My Film, but They Ate My Camera!

lions attack chase photos camera funny - 8012544768
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Who Said Size Matters?

chase cute small attitude - 8001217024
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Just Shut Up and Follow That Rabbit!

bear chase confused eating follow - 6115247104
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Follow That Bear!

bear chase faster - 6013401344
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animals chase i love you moose run running - 5768346112
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animals Cats chase chasing deer I Can Has Cheezburger run running threats - 5209750016
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Something Tells Me he Better Run....

chase cheetahs prey - 7837785856
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