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14 facebook comments what animal would be the rudest if it could talk | thumbnail blue background text "Marco Jacinto Cats. They would probably call me ugly and poor every day and then demand food. They would probably say "you're welcome"after saying something really mean too. DO 11 Like Reply Hide Send Message "

If Animals Could Talk Which Would Be The Rudest? Animal Comedy Fans Edition

What do you think?
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14 pictures of cute animals | Thumbnail includes a picture of a baby brown and white cow laying on green grass and a picture of a yellow lizard smiling 'Cute animals'

A Compilation Of Cute Animals To Warm Thy Hearts On This Chilly Day (14 Images)

It doesn't get any cuter than this
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11 pictures and 4 videos of turtles|Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'turtle and dragonfly in water' and 'sea turtle in water'

Turtely Awesome, Bro! - 16 Amazing Turtle Images & Videos That Serve As A Gentle Reminder To Slow Down

No, no, don't wait for us. We'll get there eventually!
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15 funny pictures of cats|Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'cat with reflection in mirror' and 'cat stretching on a mirror' and a comment including the words 'demonically AHH the sacrifice has arrived'

15 Times We Accidentally Walked In On Our Cats Summoning A Demon

Is it so farfetched? IS IT?
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11 pictures, cheescake kitten and comments |  thumbnail left "I've been very worried about Cheesecake lately, because she is so bulbous. I was worried about worms, or worse, fluid build up from FIP. I took her to her vet yesterday. They ran some tests. Looked for fluid. I was a stricken with anxiety, heart racing. Untreated FIP is usually fatal to kittens and losing Cheesecake would be too much. " right picture of small kitten with big belly

Human Brings Kitten Called 'Cheescake' In For A Check Up After Health Scare, Turns Out Cheescake Is 'Just Fat:' Users Respond

All that stress...for nothin'
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5 videos of cats and dogs being derps | thumbnail left cat silly face opening curtains, thumbnail right corgi tossing ball towards human

Reddit's Derpiest Derp Animals Of The Week, Cats And Dogs Edition (September 10, 2022)

Pure hilarity
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17 pictures of dogs and cats together | thumbnail left cat sleeping in dog bed, dog looking at camera. thumbnail right doggo looking at camera annoyed by cat

Series Of Fed Up Doggos Who Clearly Do Not Wear The Pants In Their Doggo-Cat Sibling Relationships

Brothers, eh?
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13 reddit text images, aita dog over | thumbnail blue background with text "I don't have a fenced yard, so the dog would have had to be in the house with us. And let me clarify that I love dogs; I will pet any dog that allows it. However, I have 2 cats. And neither has lived with a dog in years. And honestly, if i had no pets, i would let them bring the dog. (The dog in question is a 40 pound mixed breed)"

Protective Cat Dad Forbids Friends From Bringing Their Dogs Over, Friends Claim Doggo Is A Very Good Boy

A very good boy but OP can't risk his cats' comfort
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video and responses to kittens ambushing man on side of the road | thumbnail three panel images man with kittens outside side of the road with text

Startled Dude Gets Ambushed By Adorable Army Of Tiny Kittens On The Side Of The Road

The cutest ambush you ever did see
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "We finally decided to invest in some ultrasonic motion- detecting cat scarers, which work a treat. However, about 3 days after installing the cat scarers, our neighbour came to our door and demanded that we take them down. She tells us that the cats are now 'terrified' to go outside, and this has caused them to defecate in the house instead. "

Neighbors Get Petty Revenge On The Cat Owners Next Door After Incessantly Finding Cat Poop On Their Lawn

Oh lawd oh no
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10 reddit text images, thumbnail blue background text "They get here and my brother begins gushing about my cats, since he too loves cats. B is out and about, T is in my room, she prefers her alone time and just wants to sleep on my bed and occasionally look out the window, beg for pets and zoom at my feet. That is her ideal day. She's a lazy bones. My brother asks me to please go get T for his friend to see. I'm like sure okay whatever. I go get her, she walks in and she's a beautiful cat."

Sister Bans Brother's Best Friend From Her Home After He Insults Her Cats, Brother Says She Went Too Far

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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "They brung the cat to the vet and the ones that stayed behind started scolding me. When they got the vet bills they told me to pay for it and saying this was my fault. I told them this wasn't my fault and they should've been responsible cat owners and listened when i told them to keep their cats off of my property."

Dog Owning Dude Warns Neighbors Of Letting Cats Onto His Property, Neighbors Don't Listen, Send Dude Fat Vet Bill

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12 dog rate tweets | thumbnail dog archie standing on top of man's back "WeRateDogs® @dog_rates This is Archie. He said he was a chiropractor as a joke. This guy believed him and now he's in too deep. 13/10 really committed to the bit The Muscular System THE NERVOUS SYSTEM ALT 4:05 AM · Apr 28, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 12.8K Retweets 811 Quote Tweets 150.9K Likes"

12 Pawesome New Dog Rate Tweets By 'We Rate Dogs'

Good bois and gals
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posts about cats on catnip thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat covered in catnip doing a blep 'Catnip induced blep u/denrae-' and another of a shocked cat holding someone's arm 'Teefies on some kinda super catnip u/TomieTomyTomi'

Cats On Catnip: The Madness Continues

hilariously delirious
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eeks hottest and newest cat memes - thumbnail of multiple cats sitting outside a door "My parents started feeding stray kitten couple weeks ago. This their front porch today."

Happiness-Filled Cat Memes For A Splendid Caturday

Happy Caturday
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weeks hottest and newest cat memes - thumbnail includes two cat memes - one of orange cat sleeping next to baked goods "proud daddy with his new litter" and one of a kitten sitting inside its food bowl "who keeps puttin' all these lump things in my chair?"

Guiding The Way To Another Caturday

21 Cat Memes
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