Animal Comedy


Which Part of the Car Do I Put This In?

youre-doing-it-wrong carrying horses - 7050455552
Created by Unknown

We Should Leave Him Alone

foul fowl kids goats puns carrying chickens - 6912435712
See all captions Created by cataff

Had to Carry Her Home Again

sarah jessica parker carrying horses - 6849787904
Created by jake.osbourne

Can He Support Both of Us?

no time to explain human carrying horses - 6825031424

But You Took the Last One!

no time to explain grab donkey carrying army - 6815766528
Created by Unknown

Not After Last Time

letters Owl carrying delivery - 6652116992
See all captions Created by Brendon

Just What Makes That Lil' Ol' Ant...

ambition song crackers carrying ant - 6648237568
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

Some People Need Very Specific Instructions

carrying faster horse They Said - 6172276992
Created by Unknown

You Kids Don't Know What Real Horse Is

carrying horse kids reversal work - 6125051392
Created by BLAINEtrain

Hey Guys!

carrying found guess horse surprise - 6068832768
Created by Unknown

Now I Gotta Go All the Way Back to Base

back carrying horse mistake wait a minute walking - 6064436736
Created by ElTiburon008