Animal Comedy


Keep still and don't move, your camouflage is perfect. Now dive in a puddle of mud throw some sticks and leaves on yourself, and you're ready to be hidden. Check out these shady and well-hidden jokes and their meanings.

Suck it Hunters!

camouflage working grass deer derp stupid - 6915385600
See all captions Created by Professor


cow stuck camouflage - 8425021696
Via themetapicture

Is That Bush Sticking His Tongue Out at Me?

elk deer camouflage hunting - 8218353920
Via thedisneyfan

Oh There He is...RUN!

hidden camouflage hunting - 8106518272
Created by Unknown

Camouflage Cuteness Level 100

cute otters camouflage leaves - 8043271936
Created by Unknown

You Had the Right Idea... Sort Of

zebra stripes camouflage - 7777232128
See all captions Created by hblovesmarvel

So Hidden!

camouflage hunting - 7779045120
Created by Unknown

Now to Go In for the Nom

raspberry camouflage funny - 7608927232
See all captions Created by MirageBD

Be the Igloo

polar bear igloo camouflage - 7241749248
See all captions Created by two_go

This Deer is a Geenyuss!

grass deer hidden camouflage derp - 7140843008
Created by Unknown

Millions of Years of Evolution...

annoyed camouflage evolution owls how many licks - 6931686400
See all captions Created by Never.Better

It's Been Weeks!

camouflage arguing see snow tigers white tigers - 6792970496
See all captions Created by Marvinator

Eventually the Others Found Out...

grass deer camouflage genius - 6784842496
See all captions Created by Chris10a

Let's See a Chameleon Beat That

iguana lizard camouflage - 6590857472
See all captions Created by FoxxVox

No More Camouflage for Me

chameleon note to self fly blue eating camouflage - 6582467584
See all captions Created by NawtyKitty

My Camouflage Is Flawless, No?

Bunday bunnies camouflage Fluffy fool - 5996020992
See all captions Created by kinkrbelle
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