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A Brilliant British Binge 24 Cute Corgi Posts | thumbnail includes two images one image shows a corgi swimming with its tongue poking out ‘IF I’M BRITISH’ ‘THEN WHERE’S MY BOAT?!’, the other image shows a corgi puppy smiling with its tongue out being held up ‘The perfect pictures doesn’t exi-’

A Brilliant British Binge Of 24 Cute Corgi Posts

God save the corgi king
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Bug Enthusiast Puts Insects in His Mouth (Wasps, Bees, Scorpions, and Ticks), All So That He Can Educate the Masses About Brilliant Buggos

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2 TikTok videos of a dog helping her mom dig dirt and plant flowers | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a dog digging and a screenshot of a woman planting flowers into the ground

Good Girl Graycie Helps Her Mommy Plant Flowers By Digging Up The Dirt

She deserves a treat for all that hard work
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