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28 animal tweets | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Water - CHET National Park Service @NatlParkService · Mar 31 This sea otter heard it was Friday, which actually means nothing to the sea otter. ALT' and 'Eye - National Park Service @NatlParkService · Mar 22 Me reappearing in people's lives after inexplicably disappearing for several months... ALT ...'

Take A Hike: The Best Animal Tweets From The National Park Service That Are Hill-arious

We wish we were a sea otter
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Nature Photographer Shares Her Shots of the Derpiest, Least Photogenic Wild Animals of 2022

These graceful beasts are actually just big dopes on camera
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Good Thing He's Wearing a Harness

bison mice food Cats - 8349781760
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He's Such a One-Upper

bison cold winning - 8040020224
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It's Good for You!

kids growing up bison grass - 7107909120
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You Must Take Good Care of It

bison grass dad son - 6986379776
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S'long as I Had Sides and Dessert.

bison buffalo captions Cats dinner eat feed noms - 6516838400
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Last Time I Try Online Dating

bison blocking dating house kidding living room profile TV - 6479832832
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Surprisingly Effective

bison budget cuts effective - 6260400640
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They're Worse Than the Frogs

beer bison budweiser face snow - 6265788160
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Soooomewheeeere Over the Bisooon

america bison buffalo field luck rainbow - 5938708992
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Everything the Light Touched Was His

bison buffalo double rainbow nyan rainbow - 5863562496
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The Ugliest Traffic Jam Ever

animals ass bison cars Deal With It I Can Has Cheezburger rude traffic - 5273008640

So Cute When They're Little...

bison buffalo cute pet - 6215972608
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