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Sassy Duck Named Bonnie is a Total Quack Up, Stomping Her Webbed Feet Around the House Like She Bought It

Those little pitter-pattering feeties could be ASMR
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parrot talks and kisses baby bird to comfort him

Sweet Parrot Named Rio Loves All Birdy Babies, Greets the Birb Family's Newest Addition with Baby Talk and Smooches

It's scary being a baby bird in a big world, but Rio helps make it a little less so.
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25 bird memes | thumbnail left "afterwits: blackamazon: "there there angry face" no. I am angry and your fluffy yellow sunshine will not calm my WRATH"" thumbnail right "chickenkeeping apparently some people use little headbands to keep the fluff out of their eyes lord-kitschener 80s chickens"

Funniest Birb Memes For Those With Seedy Humor To Enjoy

The perfect start to the day
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pet bird loves to chirp the ocarina's part from the leged of Zelda

Bird Talk of the Week: Cutest cockatiel birb loves to sing ditties from 'The Legend of Zelda' while wearing a leaf as a hat

Ocarina? No. Birb!
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parrot is obsessed with Christmas snow globe decoration

Viral Birb: Cutie Parrot Goes Bananas for Festive Musical Snow Globe Just in Time for the Beginning of the Holiday Season

It was instant love at first sight for Mona the Macaw and this wintery wonderland snow globe.
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Bebe the Glamorous Rescue Turkey Lives the Good Life, Becoming One of the Lucky Few to Survive Thanksgiving

This glammed up turkey lives a better life than most middle-class Americans
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funniest seagull makes a crazy noise and goes viral

Seagull Makes Insane Overdramatic Sound After Getting Tricked by a French Fry Behind a Window

You mess with the sea, you get the gull… Or whatever that saying is. Just give the dang bird your french fry already.
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video of parrot stealing reporter's earpiece while reporting live | thumbnail image of  parrot stealing reporter's earpiece while reporting live

Sneaky Parrot Steal’s Reporter’s Earpiece While on Air As He Reports On Local Thievery (Video)

Pure irony
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the funniest pelican memes

Funniest Pelican Memes for the Superior Meme Community Who Uses This One-of-a-Kind Memeable Creature of Both Sky and Sea

These memes are all about the bird, not the New Orleans Pelicans basketball team, FYI...
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Mischievous Crow Starts an Epic Street Battle Between Two Cats

Birds aren't real
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‘Yo, let me get on this beat’ YumYum the Bird Wows the Internet With His Impeccable Rhythm and Swag

‘Yo, let me get on this beat’ YumYum the Cockatiel Wows the Internet With His Impeccable Rhythm and Swag

It's the gift that keeps on giving
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guinea pigs and parakeets become best friends

Woman Creates Tunnel for Her Guinea Pigs to Hangout with Her Pet Birds, Adorable Odd-Couple Friendship Blossoms

The cutest animal posse!
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bird memes | thumbnail left mango parakeet in toilet roll | thumbnail center yellow parakeet in suit | thumbnail right parakeet in tiny knitted cozy

An Abundant Bounty Of Bird Memes For The Aves Enthusiasts In The Crowd

Some love to and from our feathered friends
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25 bird memes | thumbnail left 6am is a great time to scream, thumbnail right birb owner starter pack

A Nest Full Of Birb Memes That Will Make You A Little Less Mad At The 5am Bird Songs Outside Your Window

Birby boo funnies
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15 photos of wildlife and nature from South Africa | Thumbnail includes a black and white picture of two zebras and a picture of a multi-colored bird

Mesmerising Photos Of Wild Life And Nature Straight From South Africa (15 Images)

Beauty and grace
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27 photos of funny animals and funny animal moments | Thumbnail includes a picture of many cows licking a brown dog and a person in a blue plastic suit okaying tug or war with pandas 'BREAKING NEWS: All these cows are kissing this dog Ash Warner @Als Boy Follow Don't you love how literally almost every picture of pandas looks like chaos'

Jumbo Packed Thread Full Of Animal Goodness For Those With The Monday Blues

These shall do the trick
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