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11-Year-Old Kid Makes Hilarious School Presentation on Family's Pets

the fish gets his own slide too
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30 Mood-boosting Reptilian Memes for Bearded Dragon Lovers Who Adore Their Scaly Good Boi

Bearded dragon memes that'll warm your heart to over 100 degrees.
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Bertie the Acrobatic Bearded Dragon Steals Hearts, Eats Bugs, and Does Parkour

Those friggin lil leggies go zoom and I'm obsessed
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Here are the Winners for the Beardie Caption Contest!

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animals bearded dragon godzilla lizard - 8438364928
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Help Me Flo!

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So a Bearded Dragon Walks Into a Bar...

animals bar bearded dragon beer I Can Has Cheezburger lizards ordering rude - 5027759872
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Vote for the Best Handy Lizard Caption!

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