Animal Comedy


Give Me That Banana... No Seriously, I Want a Banana

banana gorillas literal apes funny - 7941609216
Created by Unknown

Goodbye, Man in the Yellow Hat

guns monkeys apes - 8139645184
Via Dump a Day

Nobody Likes Getting Stuck in the Rain

apes rain - 8287945216
Via EH Dome

You Can't Make Me Eat it!

banana apes cute feeding - 8258721024
Via funs

The Only Guy That Actually WANTS a Third One!

apes nipples orangutans - 8242599680
See all captions Created by AuroraLove

Call Me a Monkey One More Time

apes primates - 8239830784
See all captions Created by Greencliff

I Have Tamed the Human!

cute swimming apes - 8221672960
Via Dump a Day

I Heard Massages Were Relaxing but This is Ridiculous!

apes massage relaxed - 8182487040
See all captions Created by Jade

It's That Time of Year Again

taxes apes shocked - 8147218176
See all captions Created by salterjm ( Via null )

He Couldn't Even Climb One Tree

date embarrassing orangutan apes - 8106482688
Created by Unknown

He Always Wanted to be a Sea Monkey

apes funny swimming - 8079699712
Created by Unknown


drunk friends apes funny - 8074649344
Created by Unknown

No Duh!

obvious apes funny stupid - 8072585472
Created by Unknown

Planet of the Say-That-One-More-Time

apes funny - 7885802752
See all captions Created by ogmememaker

Our Neighbors are Real Party Animals

apes funny animals - 7873394432
Created by Unknown

Bubbles was Never Very Observant

shock surprise adopted apes - 7863154944
See all captions Created by Zanonymous
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