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rescued bald eagle starts to tap dance all the time, goes viral

Rescued Wild Bald Eagle Found Paralyzed Makes Amazing Transformation and is Now Known as Tiptoe the Tap Dancing Bird, Goes Viral

When they found her she couldn't move her legs, now she's happily tiptapping and stomping all over.
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We Don't Even Have Seagulls Here

eagle usa america - 8420143872
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America's Healthcare System at Work

america vet bald eagle - 8287935744
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#1 in Sheep and Freedom

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Ayn Rand: Because America, That's Why!

america elephant Republicans - 6342500096
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It's the 4th of July! You Got Something to Say About That?

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Soooomewheeeere Over the Bisooon

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Politics? Is that a New Poptart Flavor?

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Not Sure if it's an Arm or a Sausage

america disgusting fat gross obese overweight - 5521601792
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How I Envision American Patriotism

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Culturally Insensitive Kitteh Is Culturally Insensitive

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