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viral twitter thread about facts about alligators | thumbnail includes one tweet '(brain) worm buxx @kayteterry So today I found out that alligators are immortal. Together with crocodiles, they have no finite lifespan. They live and grow unless they are affected by a disease, accident, or another predator. This quality, scientifically known as negligible senescence, means that crocodiles and alligators don't die because of old age. That doesn't mean they are immortal.'

'They have no finite lifespan': Alligator Facts And Memes For All The Animal Investi-gators Who Always Want To Know More

There is so much to know about animals
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20 gator tweets

Awesome Alligator Tweets for a Goofy and Comical Start to the Day

For goofballs only
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24 tweets about alligators | Thumbnail includes four pictures including 'Product - Gators Dail... @GatorsDaily NYOOOM Subscribe 6:24 PM. Aug 14, 2023 283.3K Views 1,283 Reposts 34 Quotes 14.6K Likes', 'Font - Gators Dail... @Gators Daily I am in my hole leave me alone 4:17 PM. Aug 12, 2023 339.3K Views Subscribe 1,692 Reposts 83 Quotes 15.6K Likes', 'Water', and 'Plant'

24 Giggle-Worthy 'Gator Tweets That Replace Dogs As The Goofiest Animal And Most Relatable Reptile

They will croc your world
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23 alligator tweets | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Reptile - *jazz hands*' and 'Water Font - What in tarnation'

See Ya Later, Alligator: 23 Goofy Gater Tweets That Take A Real Bite Out Of Comedy

In a while, crocodile
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19 alligator tweets

15+ Gregarious Gator Tweets For A Goofier Start To The Day (Alligator Tweets)

Goofy gator goodness in Tweet form
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Swamp Puppy Named Turbo Proves to be One Woman's Reptilian Best Friend and Certified Good Boy

Swamp Puppy Named Turbo Proves to be One Woman's Reptilian Best Friend and Certified Good Boy

Those baby pics are breaking my heart
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11 pictures of catfish, alligators, and text | Thumbnail includes four pictures including 'Mouth - SCIENCE Scientists In Alabama Just Created Genetically-Modified Catfish With Alligator DNA', 'Font - atpix Welcome to Alabamurassic Park', 'Font - old_wounds_ Can't wait for the Catigator movie', and 'Font - wade_sanchez What could go wrong'

In Stunning Display Of "What Will Humans Do Next", Scientists Successfully Fuse Catfish And Alligators Together

Apparently we learned nothing From Jurassic Park
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15 alligator tweets | thumbnail alligator walking on street "Gators Daily 🐊 @GatorsDaily just got my nails done"

Good Old Gator Tweets For A Goofy Start To The Day (15 Alligator Tweets)

Gator goods
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13 alligator tweets | thumbnail left and right alligators, one with long nails, one in puddle outside house next to mailbox "gatorsdaily"

A Perfectly Silly Series Of Alligator Tweets Fresh Off The Twitter Presses

See ya later alligator
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Awesome Alligator Content for Reptile Enthusiasts

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Eat Dad!

animals alligator kid - 8447538432
See all captions Created by adonairoe

New Scales Can Get Itchy

alligator captions cute - 8452125696
See all captions Created by karlkat

Use Your Imagination

alligator captions funny - 8553410048
See all captions Created by worksucks

When They Say Water Hazard, They Really Mean It!

alligator captions funny - 8462168832
See all captions Created by shriekingviolet

Startled Raccoon Rides an Alligator to Safety

funny alligator raccoons Startled Raccoon Rides an Alligator to Safety

But, She Smells Like She Just Left the Swamp!

alligator animals grandma grandmother - 5364407040
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