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18 pictures of monkeys | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Head - EFF TIN abiki 38888' and 'Primate'

18 Adorable Monkeys That Make The Perfect Pocket Best Friend

We'll take 5, please
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23 pictures of pigs and comments | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Snow' and 'Grass' and three comments including 'Font - A Wooly hammoth!', 'Font - Shog', and 'Font - Peep'

The Floofiest Pig In All of History - The Mangalica Pig With A Permanent Perm That Looks Like A Sheep But Acts Like A Dog (23 Images)

The permanent perm is what sealed the deal for us
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20 pictures of beavers | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Carnivore' and 'Carnivore'

Our Newest Aww-bsession: Adorable Baby Beavers With Faces That Will Melt Even The Iciest of Hearts

Need to cuddle these ASAP
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12 pictures and comments of dogs and one video of puppies | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Forehead - POV When the puppies pick their favorite person, Grandpa' and 'Dog' and one comment including 'Font - dwbayley Those little, non-stop, twitchy tails are so adorable. Visible JOY! 8w 6,537 likes Reply'

Grandpa Gains The Ability To Fly From How Fast His Puppies Are Wagging Their Tails

A new form of sustainable energy - tail wags
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19 pictures and 2 videos of bats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Toy' and 'Dog'

Change The Narrative: 21 Pictures and Videos That Will Change The Way You See Bats Forever

Honestly at this point we're just winging it ;)
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baby penguins and groups of fluffy penguins waddling cuddling and kissing in the snow and on ice

8 Times Penguins Proved to Be the Cutest Aquatic Birds

Bring on the penguin cuteness.
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