Animal Comedy


Why Does Nobody Love Me?

annoying facebook girl cat facebook I Can Has Cheezburger makeup Sad text it - 5224035072
Created by Unknown

What's He Got That I Don't Got?

animals bars beer depressed drinking i has a hotdog relationships Sad - 5286384384
Via Bunny Food

The Private Pain of a Russian Icon

forever alone Memes political pictures Pundit Kitchen Sad Vladimir Putin - 5251629824
See all captions Created by amorton1990


Bill Gates Death end Memes multipanel Pundit Kitchen rip Sad - 5282959872
Created by Unknown

Like a Fruitcake

animals i has a hotdog presents Sad - 5241157376
See all captions Created by roxyrat02

What Did I Do Wrong?

Babies call cell phones fat girls kids lies phones Sad toys - 5269466624
Created by Unknown

Think About That Before You Poop in My Shoes Again

animals bad baths i has a hotdog punishment Sad water - 5208665600
See all captions Created by Moygo-Qu

Life Is So Hard

First World Problems lol Sad texting - 5260344832
Created by Unknown

You're Making Everybody Depressed

animals black and white Cats cry emo I Can Has Cheezburger puns Sad - 5087298816
See all captions Created by MajorMalfunction

Well, Tough Luck to You and the Rest of Africa

adoption africa Angelina Jolie celeb crying kids roflrazzi Sad - 5091348224
Created by Unknown

I, Too, Get Depressed When I Can't Lick Myself

animals cone of shame i has a hotdog pugs Sad - 5066161152
See all captions Created by harveyhelix

But You Look So Delicious!

animals bowl Cats I Can Has Cheezburger plz Sad scared - 5014253824
Created by Thomas

Justin Timberlake Has Not Aged Well

classic crying emo faces river Sad - 5054411264
Via Darkblitz9

Animal Capshunz: I Always Spill On Myself When I Wear White

bad day best of the week clean Hall of Fame last Owl owls Sad shirt shirts work - 6075473152
See all captions Created by weewazza17

Look, I'm sorry I was just trying to make some conversation.

apologizing bad conversation offended owls Sad sorry - 6046262272
See all captions Created by squirrelsediblesquirrels

I Feel Like a Freakin' Manic Depressive!

commercials emotions roflrazzi Sad - 5040732672
Via Pigeon-Eyed Devil Woman
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