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Hilariously Awkward Pooch Photos Captured the Moment That the Family Dog Glitched Out

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dogs Awkward cute doggos doggo silly social funny - 19691781

Socially Awkward Redditors Discuss Using Their Doggos As Loyal Wingmen In New Social Encounters With Gratitude

Canine pals can lead to human pals
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22 photos of different birds doing awkward things | thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a budgie screaming and one with a duck with a fortune cookie message reading 'The love of your life will appear infront of you unexpectedly'

Well This Is Hawkward: 22 Birds Caught Red Handed Being Awkward

"Is it a plane? Is it a drone? No, it's a BIRD! A BIRD I TELL YOU!"
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23 memes of a sea lion | Thumbnail includes one picture including 'Nature - THAT AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN YOU LEAVE A STORE WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING ALL YOU CAN THINK IS "ACT NATURAL, YOU'RE INNOCENT"'

Throwback Thursday: 23 Of The Best "Awkward Moment Sealion" Memes That Will Make You Believe It's 2015 All Over Again

2015 was a better time
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30 pictures and videos of dogs | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Dog' and 'Dog' and words including 'What a nerd...what an absolute dingus. I love her. Please give her two (2) kisses & a scritch from me thanks'

30 Dogs Sitting In Funny Positions In An Attempt To Hit Derp Level 9000

Is it even comfortable to sit that way?
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A listicle with 12 photos of greyhounds | Thumbnail includes a black greyhound laying on the floor wearing a red hat and a black greyhound covered in a green blanket

12 Goofy Greyhounds Showcasing Their Long Limbs And Quirky Personalities

So goofy and clumsy, we love it
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Woman Visibly Confuses Her Ginormous Emu Named "Karen" After Going Blonde, Emu Doesn't Know Who Lunge At Anymore

Woman Visibly Confuses her Aggressive Emu "Karen" after Going Blonde, Bird Doesn't Know Who to Chase

The struggle is real for an aggressive Karen
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Man doesn't evacuate for hurricane soon enough, and ends up sheltering with lions | r/tifu Join u/nuqlick TIFU by not evacuating hurricane early enough and ending up shelter with lions L shared this story before on reddit long time ago, but someone told belongs this sub This happened within past few years. Not gonna name hurricane or zoo, because don't want zoo get hate mail about treatment animals or anything really they did phenomenal job with this being during hurricane, and don't

Man Evacuates For Hurricane Late, Ends Up Sheltering With Lions

Definite yikes.
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drugs vine Awkward Owl - 71645441

Whooo Knew They Would Be So Persistent?

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This Happens to a Lot of Octopi

Via Pie Comic

Sorry to Spoil the Romance

animals seal Awkward romance kissing - 8477834752
See all captions Created by echeg5

But the Pudding Basin Cut Really Suits You

sushi Awkward fish - 8446373120
Created by beernbiccies

Ask A Stupid Question...

question Awkward cows - 8402027520
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

I Can't Go When Someone is Watching

pigeon birds creepy Awkward bathroom - 8392245760
See all captions Created by Unknown

Overly Attached Sloth

Awkward cute squee sloth - 8368727040
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

We Just Aren't Into the Same Things

seal Awkward blind date seagull - 8364001792
See all captions Created by TooManyCats
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