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amazing baby heartwarming lemur rare sifaka whatsit whatsit wednesday zoo - 5530827008
Created by Unknown

Got Your Nose

Elephant and giraffe playing thru a fence and the elephant appears to be playing gotcha nose with the tall one
Created by ToolBee ( Via Baby Elephant Gifs - Reddit )

Clouded Leopard Cub Trio of Cuteness

clouded leopard cub trio of cuteness
Via Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
panda zoo cute Video - 65490433

A Spoon Full of Sugar Might Help These Pandas Take Their Medicine Better

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Cheeky Okapi

zoo cheeky - 7701782528
Created by Vanaathiel

This Adorable Orphaned Wallaby Joey Finds a Home at Taronga Zoo@

cute Joey kangaroo zoo - 8339727616
Via zooborn
Babies baby Father heartwarming marmoset marmosets mother motherhood pygmy marmoset Video zoo - 16695809


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O Hai Bear

paws brown bear o hai zoo bear waving squee - 6818772992
Via CopyX

This Giraffe Calf Was Born Squee-dorable

zoo cute giraffes - 8348888320
Via Franklin Park Zoo
Harry Potter zoo cute Video - 66434561

Meet the Newest Asian Small-Clawed Otter To Join the Denver Zoo

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baby animals polar bear zoo cute Video - 77540353

What Could Be More Adorable Than a 2-Month Old Polar Bear Cub Learning to Stand On Her Own?

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Meet Meeuk Mia, One of Three New Quokka Joeys at Taronga Zoo

quokka zoo cute Joey - 8390799360
Via taronga zoo
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