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Interspecies Love: Shell Envy

hippopotamus Interspecies Love shell tortoise turtle - 6519548416
Created by Unknown

It's Tiny Tortoise Time!

turtles cute tortoise - 8437097984
Via AndyWarwheels


baby bath Hall of Fame noms reader squees ready TIL tortoise waiting - 5304801792
Created by Amanda

Party Animal

Cute picture of a real party animal turtle wearing a cone-shaped party-hat
Via Bunny Food

Squee Spree Winner: Tortoise

baby tortoise squee spree - 7515119104
Via Zooborns

Reader Squee: Ready for Valentine's Day

reader squee tortoise hearts squee Valentines day - 7056850688
Created by Greta

Teeny Tiny Turtles

baby Hall of Fame handful hands shells squee tiny tortoise turtles - 4381785344
Created by Yabbadabadu

Squee Spree: Tortoise Overload

baby mama overload shells squee squee spree tortoise - 6497281536
Created by Unknown

Reader Squee: Not Fuzzy, But Still Cute!

lettuce pet reader squee tortoise turtle - 6451156992
Created by Kathryn S.

Mershed Pertaters

food Hall of Fame mouthful nom squee tortoise turtle turtles - 6263851008
Created by Unknown


acting like animals cannot unsee do not want shocked tortoise upset wide eyed - 5107917824
Created by Unknown

Toups, the tiny tortoise...

pet reader squees tiny tortoise - 6241844480
Created by Unknown

Clark has Sour, uh I Mean Sweet, Grapes!

Babies tortoise cute - 8003837440
Created by munnit

So Close, and Yet So Far...

attempting cant FAIL food gifs jealous jealousy nomming noms Reach thumbs tortoise - 5069654784
Created by Unknown


baby blissful do want excited happy noms strawberry tortoise - 4805790208
Created by Unknown

He Truly Looks Up to His Elders

cute tortoise tiny - 8116013056
Via Google
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