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Interspecies Love: Shell Envy

hippopotamus Interspecies Love shell tortoise turtle - 6519548416

I Chomp You, Flower!

tiny tortoise cute flowers food eating - 8002640896


baby blissful do want excited happy noms strawberry tortoise - 4805790208

Yummy Dandelions

dandelions turtles tortoise flowers eating noms squee delightful insurance - 6653075200
Via Addelburgh

Gentlemen Tortoise

fancy squee top hat tortoise turtle - 6390974976
Via Bunny Food

Squee Spree: Tortoise Overload

baby mama overload shells squee squee spree tortoise - 6497281536

Party Animal

Cute picture of a real party animal turtle wearing a cone-shaped party-hat
Via Bunny Food

Mershed Pertaters

food Hall of Fame mouthful nom squee tortoise turtle turtles - 6263851008

Stand Out in a Crowd

albino Babies sea turtles siblings squee swim tortoise turtle water white - 5921488128
Via Just Call Me Lynn

Acting Like Animals: Wrong Way on a One Way... tortoise?

acting like animals chipmunk confused lolwut tortoise - 5784116992
Via Eff Yeah Interspecies Friendships

This Tortoise Puts Food Before Comfort

cute tortoise gifs This Tortoise Puts Food Before Comfort
Via Heather Bjørnebo


adorable baby eating grape Hall of Fame itty bitty nomming noms size tiny tortoise - 4648505088

Reader Squee: Not Fuzzy, But Still Cute!

lettuce pet reader squee tortoise turtle - 6451156992
Created by Unknown

Squee Spree: Tortoise vs. Snapping Turtle

tortoise turtle squee spree - 7497590016


acting like animals Awkward embarrassed grass Hall of Fame messy question stuck tortoise - 4994523392

Clark has Sour, uh I Mean Sweet, Grapes!

Babies tortoise cute - 8003837440
Created by munnit
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