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Platypus Tale Makes a Good Platypus Teddy Bear

baby platypus ssleeping
Via Obese_But_Cute_Doxin

It's so Snuggly!

cat teddy bear snuggles - 7447057152
Via Reddit


asleep cat closed cuddling cute eyes foster fostering kitten mouth open reader squees stuffed animal teddy bear - 5190405376
Created by DanaWilson

Hamster Love

friend hamster hamsters KISS kissing love teddy bear toy toys - 6013869056
Via Just Call Me Lynn

You Don't Have To Choose, Cuddle Them Both!

teddy bear puppy cute - 8321019136
Via dawnperry78

Benji, the Hamster, Snuggling With his Teddy Bear!

teddy bear cute hamster - 8292632576
Created by eBay ( Via www.ebay.com )

He's Like a Little Teddy Bear

teddy bear baby - 7666883072

Bear and Teddy Bear

teddy bear baby cubs - 7610643968
Created by Unknown

HERE Squirrely, Squirrely, Squirrely!

cute fishing squirrels teddy bear - 8220583680
Via TheBlazingPhoenix


Fluffy impersonating impersonation mistake resemblance stuffed animal teddy bear - 5593006592
Created by Unknown

Teddie Bear Graduated From Puppy Class

teddy bear class graduation - 7074144256
Created by Maggi Vanos


naughty puppy puppy eyes reader squees teddy bear terror - 4877812224
Created by JJBIRD

An Orphaned Pony with His Best Friend

teddy bear pony - 7541277952
Via Reddit
porcupine teddy bear pumpkins talking cute - 55882241

Teddy Bear, the Talking Porcupine is Chomping a Pumpkin...and Loving it!

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Reader Squee: Loki

pet puppy reader squee squee teddy bear - 6436820224
Created by Wicked-Truth

Puppies Don't Care if it's Monday

teddy bear cuddle puppy naps sleep - 8472822528
Created by patdaddy007
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