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Squee Spree: Smile!

water orca whale squee orca smile - 7056052224
Via Vivian Cheng

That's a One-in-Chameleon Smile!

lizards puns cute chameleons happy smile - 8004603904

Awwww Amun

answer cute gecko question reader squees reptile smile smiling - 4755879168
Created by NSZypher

Tasty Eyeballs

eyes face gecko lick lizard lizards smile squee tongue - 6040279552
Via Just Call Me Lynn

Reader Squee: Smiiiiiiiile

reader squee squee lizard smile toes - 6690686464
Created by Unknown

Soft Wool and Smiling Face

cute lamb smile wool - 8437071872
Via spaz16


acting like animals french bulldogs happy new years resolution smile smiling - 5602015232

Chinchilla Scritches

chin chinchilla chinchillas fingers happy love scratch scritches smile - 6031981312
Via Bunny Food

Squee Spree: You're a Winner! Yes YOU!

alpaca Fluffy smile squee squee spree winner - 6430769664
Via Sew Weekly


acting like animals baby cub expression guilty lion smile smiling smirk - 5602270464

Hiya Stranger!

raccoon food squee smile - 6675177472
Via Victoria Ivanova

That Sloth Life

handful hands holding offer sloth sloths smile - 6120659712
Via 24 Media

Reader Squee: Suspicious Smile

cat pet reader squee smile suspicious - 6313625344
Created by Lauren Walsh

Friendly Frog

amphibian friendly frog Hall of Fame smile - 6307520256


baby expression Hall of Fame monkey shy smile smiling timid warm - 5220817664


chipmunk definition face Hall of Fame happiness happy smile wide wide eyed - 5176012544