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One Itchy Sloth

gifs critters cute itch sloths - 7622819584

Tiniest Sloth Hug

baby hang hug hugging omg sloth sloths squee - 6061683968
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Babies baby bath bathing Hall of Fame sloth sloths unbearably squee Video - 31986945

VIDEO: Baby Sloth Bath Time

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Hang in There This Monday, Like This Baby Sloth

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Sloth Group Hug

group hug sloths - 7309987840
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Babies baby Hall of Fame noms omnomnom sloth sloths - 4636444416
animals being all cute and upside down

18 Adorable Animals Just Chilling Upside Down

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Whitney Houston Never Sounded so Adorable

vine people pets cute sloths - 7856081408

A Lazy Nap by Two Experts

cute hanging naps sloths squee - 7896750080

Awkward Sloth Hugs

Babies Awkward hugs sloths squee - 6491824896
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Look at This Sloth Cuddle Puddle!

cuddle sloths - 8751912704
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Babies baby eating gifs greens nomming noms sloth sloths vegetables veggies - 4918544128

Slow Down, Take a Break, and Enjoy These Baby Sloths

Babies cute sloths - 8093608448
funny sloth memes about being slow and cuddly, y'know like a sloth

15 Hilarious Sloth Memes To Brighten Your Day

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Sloth Hugging a Plushie

gifs baby stuffed animals hugs sloths - 6837870592