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funny twitter posts about otters that are otter this world

These Memes & Tweets Prove Otters Are The Cutest Creature Ever

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This Baby is Otterly Adorable

this baby is otterly adorable
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Otter Demonstrates Its Acting Ability

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There's Nobody Otter Than You I'd Rather Snuggle

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I'm Tired of Swimming, Dad

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One Kiss...Then an Otter...Then an Otter

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If You've Ever Wondered What Life Is Like for an Otter, Here's Your Chance to Find Out

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Pile o' Otters!

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River Otter Plays like a Puppy

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My Favorite Snuggle Buddy!

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All Aboard the Mom Boat!

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I Otter Kiss You Right on the Face

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I Just Wanna Hold Hands

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