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baby gecko lizard - 4029375232
Created by Unknown


cute hug lizard - 3264697600
Created by jftb

Reader Squees: Silly Basking Faces

bearded dragon Heat lizard pet reader squees rock - 5891169536
Created by Churrple ( Via Chirr Collector )

How to Train Your Dragon Squee

baby animals dragon lizard tiny squee - 8449579008
Via samvm

Creepicute: Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

creepicute gecko lizard - 6596286720
Via Rozyhammer

Tasty Eyeballs

eyes face gecko lick lizard lizards smile squee tongue - 6040279552
Via Just Call Me Lynn

Reader Squee: Father and Son

horns proud chameleon lizard squee son Father - 4242609664
Created by sixonefive72


face lizard whatsit wednesday - 3664851456

Interspecies Love: Thanks For the Lift!

bath friends Interspecies Love kitty lizard ride - 5878446848
Via bunnyfood

Squee Spree: The Tallest vs. the Smallest

Battle giraffes lizard squee spree tall - 5917978368

Baby Chameleon

baby tiny finger chameleon lizard - 4083564544

Hey There, Beautiful

mirror lizard beautiful - 7728289280
Via Tumblr

Reader Squee: Gizmo, conqueror of bed sheet hills!

gecko lizard pet reader squee - 6350145792
Created by Unknown

Squee Spree: Koala vs. Chameleon

chameleon contest koala lizard marsupial reptile squee spree - 6162689024


acting like animals asking color date dating favorite Flower gift lizard nervous present question romance - 4466545664

Whatsit Wednesday: Greater Angle Head Lizard

colorful colors Hall of Fame lizard whatsit whatsit wednesday - 5710248960
Via Richard Cottrell