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Reader Squee: Lizard Cupcake

cupcake lizard pet reader squee - 6500290304
Created by Squirmworm

Whatsit Wednesday: Greater Angle Head Lizard

colorful colors Hall of Fame lizard whatsit whatsit wednesday - 5710248960
Via Richard Cottrell


acting like animals end lizard poem rewrite stick walking - 4854131968
Created by Unknown

Squee Spree: Lizard Week!

chameleon contest lizard squee spree vote - 5884061440
Created by Unknown

Shut Your Mouth

cute lizard frog Shut Your Mouth
Via mike_pants

Hey There, Beautiful

mirror lizard beautiful - 7728289280
Via Tumblr

Reader Squees: I'ma Getchoo!

gecko lizard pet reader squees - 5691819776
Created by Colleen

Gamer Lizard

bearded dragon game lizard tongue - 6550252288
Created by Unknown

Way to Blend

branch chameleon lizard stick - 6070282752
Via Lol Creatures

Reader Squee: Smiiiiiiiile

reader squee squee lizard smile toes - 6690686464
Created by Sarah

Hitchin' a Ride

baby chameleon chameleons finger fingers hand hands lizard lizards squee tiny - 6213603328
Created by ingopixel

How to Train Your Dragon Squee

baby animals dragon lizard tiny squee - 8449579008
Via samvm

It's a Lizard! And he's Happy to See You!

cute lizard smile squee - 7908553728
Created by Unknown
videos lizard - 53914113

Rub my Tummies Please!

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Reader Squee: Gecko Smiles

gecko lizard pet reader squee - 6295667456
Created by WakaLaka123 ( Via Wakalaka123 )

Reader Squee: Crested Gecko

gecko lizard pet reader squee - 6370187008
Created by 19Zoey88