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I'll Teach You How to Purr

Cats snuggle lambs squee - 8175011072
Via HesterLee

Smiling Little Lamb

cute happy lambs smile - 7901128960
Created by sixonefive72

Head Butting for Beginners

cute sheep lambs squee - 8278742784
Via Martin Pettitt

Lambie & Her Kitty

gifs critters cute lambs Cats - 8359902720
Created by ani.s4

This Lamb is Loving the Sun

cute grass sun lambs - 7878144256

Newborn Lambs Keep Warm

lambs warm - 7187019264

Dutch Lambs in the Morning

cute family field lambs morning sheep squee - 5739079936
Created by ToolBee

Wanna Be Friends?

cute sheep lambs - 7816994304
Created by nutz4cubbies

Feel Better?

smiling cute sheep lambs - 7823022848

Baby Lamb is a Darling

Babies gifs critters cute lambs - 7415167232


Babies baby confused lamb lambs line lined up lines question seeing double sheep unbearably squee - 5312840704

Reader Squee: Squeeness of the Lambs

Babies reader squee mama sheep lambs squee - 7126515712
Created by Unknown

Spring Time is Squeeeeee Time!

lambs nap sheep sleep - 5984253184
Created by diskboy

Baaa... Has anyone seen Mary...?

Babies cute lambs sheep - 8265582336
Created by beernbiccies

Squee Spree: Which Farm Cutie Will it be?

kids cute lambs squee spree - 7859235328

You Make Me Smile

cute lambs sheep smile - 8143848192
Via weruletheinternet
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