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Hover Kid!

baby bounce goat jump mom snow - 4408418560
Created by sixonefive72

Bunday: Epic Bunny Hop

Bunday bunnies gifs jump hop squee rabbits - 7067164160
Created by Unknown

Acting Like Animals: I'm Flying! I'm Flying!

acting like animals falling flying ice jump jumping penguin surface swimming water - 5869947904
Via All Creatures

Animal Gifs: At Least He Tried

FAIL gifs hop horse jump - 6531835392
Created by Unknown

Acting Like Animals: Hoverbun to the Rescue!

acting like animals bunny Hall of Fame happy bunday hover hovering jump jumping rabbit - 5783944192
Via The Daily Bunny


gifs jump run surprise shocked rabbit bunny Bunday squee - 6865983744
Created by Unknown
landing jump geese cute facebook Video - 30214

This Baby Goose Makes A Crash Landing And It's Adorable

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Nice Jump, Junior!

deer goat jump kid - 5902763776
Via Just Call Me Lynn

I Must Save My Nuts!

cute donuts jump snow squirrel - 8203727360
Via liberationforce

Do the Tiger Dance!

dance jump snow tigers - 5906990336
Via Daily Mail


gifs face baby kid toddler jump frog squee - 6719695360
Created by Unknown

And Jump!

french bulldogs gifs jump puppies - 8303012608
Via iraffiruse
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