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baby chimp chimpanzee desire do want eyes hug hugging idiom irresistible monkey request stare Staring - 5597903616

I've Got Your Back

donkeys floofy hooves hug love splort squee - 4253792768
Created by Draconity

Squee Spree: Never Let Me Go!

baby hug hugs mom snow squee spree tigers white - 4388937216
Created by sixonefive72

Love Birds

birds cuddle hug love birds parakeets - 4348388352
Created by Yabbadabadu

Panda Hug

bear panda hug - 7725554432
Created by sixonefive72 ( Via Angie Bell )

Mama Will Protect You

lioness lions baby cub mommy squee hug - 6516998912
Created by sixonefive72

Yes, Yes We Can

birds squee hug - 8403131392
See all captions Created by Ezemerelda

Tiger Hug

tiger cubs hug - 7492492288
Created by sixonefive72

Interspecies Love: Alpaca Meets Kangaroo

alpaca fence hug Interspecies Love kangaroo - 5968130560
Via Samantha M

I Has the Best Mom!

cute mom Cats hug - 8145124608
Created by mamawalker ( Via tessa.tv )

A Bat and His Teddy

teddy bear bats hug - 7701659392
Via Oakland Zoo

A Hug Denied

gifs FAIL falling pot denied squee hug sloth - 6746059264

I Love You Mommy!

baby hug kangaroo mom mothers day wallaby - 6177300736
Via Cats and Stuff

Happy Best Friends Day!

best friends bunny cat Hall of Fame holiday hug - 6310898432


cute hug lizard - 3264697600
Created by jftb


cheer up do want grumpy hug offer upset whatsit whatsit wednesday - 4513400576