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birthday Hall of Fame hug hugging human Interspecies Love penguin present Video - 33525505

VIDEO: Penguin Hugs Are the Best Hugs!

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Let's Hug Like the Donkeys

cute donkeys hug - 8120206848
Created by sixonefive72

Here Comes a Bear Cat

gifs bearcat binturong squee hug - 7053900288
Created by ani.s4 ( Via YarkaOpossum )


cat cute hug kitty - 4247300864
Created by Smirnov


cute deer hug - 3200779776
Created by Unknown

Baby Anteater Bracelet

accessory anteater Hall of Fame holding hands hug squee - 6337288960
Created by GalderGollum

Tiniest Sloth Hug

baby hang hug hugging omg sloth sloths squee - 6061683968
Via Lol Creatures


adorable best ever cat Cats gifs Hall of Fame hug hugging kitten mother oh my squee squee unbearably cute - 4806465280
Created by Unknown

Panda Hug

bear panda hug - 7725554432
Created by sixonefive72 ( Via Angie Bell )

A Hug Denied

gifs FAIL falling pot denied squee hug sloth - 6746059264
Created by Unknown

Icy Hug

polar bear hug - 7706499584
Created by sixonefive72

Dwarf Monkeys

monkeys dwarf hug - 7531675392
Created by sixonefive72

Baby Polar Squee

baby polar bear cub squee hug delightful insurance - 6549677824
Created by Unknown

Tail Hug

tails hug - 7380280064
Created by Unknown

I Love You, Deer

deer fawns flowers hug meadow - 4434775040
Created by immortal_wolf

Hold on Tight!

baby koala hug - 7140772096
Via Attack of the Cute