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Watch As This Adorable Baby Horse Tries To Cuddle This Woman Like It's A Dog

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miniature horses are allowed to be emotional support animals

Miniature Horses Are Still Allowed to Be Your Emotional Support Animal

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adorable baby colt energetic energy horse horses mother running - 4905369600

Gimmeh Noms

close up face fence horse tongue - 4382890752

Reader Squees: Get Up and Go!

back horse huge ride tiny - 5860769024
Created by tidusxyunax

Just Horsin' Around

Babies baby foal Hall of Fame horse horses pun puns - 5775413504
Via LLBwwb

Mini and Mighty Adorable Horses

big and small horses
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Tennis anyone?

game horse human tennis - 4355517440
Created by OwlBytes
brush gifs cute horse - 74157569

Look Ma, No Hands!

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acting like animals chameleon Command comparison disobedient hair horse human pulling race racing upset - 4869068544

Interspecies Love: And You Thought Cowlicks Were Bad...

cat cowlick do not want friends friendship gross horse Interspecies Love lick licking - 5465464576

A Future Champion in Action!

cute horse colt gif - 8162418176

Spring Is Here

spring horse - 7140800512
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Created by sixonefive72

Horsey in a Bucket

baby bucket foal Hall of Fame hay horse resting - 6283480064

Golden Mane

golden magical squee horse mane - 6527181824
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