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This Little Baby Hippo Makes a Giant Splash!

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Squee Spree: Wake Up!

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Via Berlin Zoo

Baby Hippo Bump

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Baby Hippos Galore!

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Created by Doctor_TigerFire ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Just Wanted to Say Hello-potamus!

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The 7 Cutest Pairs of Interspecies Buddies

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Mama Hippo Gives a Helping Nudge

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I'll Love You if You're a Bald Guinea Pig or a Baby Hippo!

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Goat on a Hippo

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Love Can Blossom in the Most Peculiar Places

Babies hippos tortoise cute love - 8002614784

Fat Bottomed Hippos

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Created by gekko4000


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Say "Ahhhh"

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Via Susan Roehl

I'm Gonna Chomp You!

Babies hippos tiny cute - 8072160768
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