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Just Look at Those Ears!

baby ball curled up ears handheld hedgehog long tiny - 5855435520
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Acting Like Animals: I'm King of the Castle!

acting like animals castle hedgehog hiding king protected ruler - 5685922304
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Mini Me!

baby hands hedgehog hedgehogs mom moms mothers day - 6153385984
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We All Need to Keep Warm This Winter!

cold cute hedgehog winter hat - 8060610816
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baby curling gifs hedgehog IRL sonic sonic the hedgehog - 4775334144
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curled up hedgehog reader squees relaxing space - 5244375040
Created by namenumber

Their Adorableness is on Point

cute hedgehog twins - 8348645888
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Reader Squee: Over-the-Shoulder Posing

reader squee spines hedgehog pet squee - 6733489920
Created by Emiy

Ready for Shark Week!

cage hedgehog funny - 7717499648
Created by Unknown

Reader Squees: Wild Hedgie

crazy hedgehog playing reader squees stuffed animal wild - 5810116352
Created by Dexterelerizo ( Via elblogdelomalaqueeres )


cute hedgehog pet - 4071069440
Created by Unknown
adorable Babies baby bath bathing Hall of Fame hedgehog hedgehogs sink swimming Video - 28459265


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My Crime Fighting Quills are Tingling!

cute hedgehog flying - 8251099136
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Hello, My Friends!

gifs cute hedgehog - 8298896384
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Spiny Mealtime

Babies eat family hedgehog hedgehogs mom moms nursing squee - 5967801856
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Hedgehog in a Cup

hedgehog - 7754794240
Created by sixonefive72