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Ever look at your hand and wonder how something so incredible could have been created? This is hands down the best place to find anything funny and 'punny' about hands. So if you've ever asked yourself which hand would be best to write with, the answer is neither you should write with a pen what's the matter with you?

Reader Squees: Lilith the Hand-Nommer

adopted baby food hand nom nomming rat reader squees - 5742469376
Created by peacehorses

All Sugar, No Spice

Hall of Fame hand handheld holding itty bitty palm sugar glider sugar gliders sweet tiny - 5748916736
Via LLBwwb

Squee Spree: Nap Time

baby Hall of Fame hand nap platypus squee spree - 6353271040
Via Kingdom of Animals


face hand squirrel - 3926850304


baby chick do want Fluffy hand offer penguin Precious question tiny - 4419140352
Created by sixonefive72
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