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hamster pet user - 4027926784
Created by surflou


baby demanding distracting distraction do want excuse feeding hamster noms reader squees - 5581329664
Created by A. Love


face hamster noms - 3206691072
Created by Unknown

Reader Squees: Ham-Baby

baby family hamster itty bitty reader squees siblings - 5680715520
Created by leedsgurl
twitter cute hamster Video - 127239

A Hamster Got Tiny a Leash So He Can Go on the Biggest Walk of His Life

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hamster noms Om Nom Monday - 3538484736
Created by Unknown

Reader Squee: Hamster Birthday

birthday hamster hat pet squee squee spree - 4140346880
Created by jacqhamster

Tickle Tummy for Squeaky Squee!

tickle cute hamster squee - 8249108992
Via darkstar6988

Acting Like Animals: Invisible Traffic Jam

acting like animals car driving hamster pretending stuck tiny toy - 5814591488
Via Bunny Food


dwarf hamster hamster name reader squees - 5089313536
Created by snapesnapeseverussnape

Pint-Sized Pals

friends friendship hamster itty bitty small stuffed animal - 5681548032
Via Animals With Stuffed Animals

Reader Squee: Reaching Maximum Capacity

cheeks hamster hamsters mouthful nomming pet reader squee stuffed - 4272222464
Created by jellybaby86

Look What I Built!

building fort hamster - 6162731776
Created by GalderGollum

Reader Squees: Schnuggle Up

cuddle hamster pet reader squee tiny - 6254729728
Created by Alyssa
a funny list of a photoshop battle with a hamster putting something in his mouth

Adorable Hamster Trying To Eat Pasta Triggers Photoshop Battle

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afternoon ball best curled up do want fur hamster kind nap sleeping sweet - 4467813632
Created by aquaa666